Hour Exchange La Plata (HELP) is one chapter of an international collective of local time banks.  The mother organization is called hOurworld.  hOurworld.org is the home of the Time & Talents software that supports the activity of all the local chapters around the world.

Joining HELP is simple.  First you need to go to hOurworld.org.

  • Click on the “JOIN” tab.

  • In the “Select your exchange” box, choose CO-Bayfield:hOur Exchange LaPlata (HELP)

  • Fill out the application form and click on “Send application.”

  • A local administrator will contact you.

Filling out the application does not obligate you to anything; it simply gives the local administrator your contact information so that you can be invited to an introductory talk, an orientation, and the community potlucks.  If you should decide, at any point, that you prefer to withdraw your application, simply go to the “Contact Us” tab on this website and send us that message.

Access to the Time & Talents software will be made available to you when you attend an orientation.  At that time your account will be activated and you will receive 5 hours with which to begin participating in HELP.