Everybody has something of value to share, whether they know it or not!  People sometimes have trouble immediately recognizing the gifts they might share with others.  A skill that you take for granted may be a complete enigma to someone else.  A long list of categories is available in the Time and Talents software to help us organize our thoughts about what we might offer to our fellow HELP members.  Look through the service categories (found in  “Add Offerings” in the Member home page) and click on the services that you think you might like to offer.  Remember to Save all your entries.

In your list of offerings, consider being bold and letting the community know about the unusual thing you know how to do, especially if it’s something you really like to do and want to share.  Someone out there may read about your out-of-the-ordinary talent and realize that they want just that, even though they didn’t know such a thing existed.  In this way we will create a very rich tapestry of exchanges among ourselves.

Some examples:

  • One specific offering that will be greatly appreciated by some members is help with the computer skills necessary to participate in HELP. 
  • A small business owner or private practitioner might offer an hour of their professional services every week or two.  This can be a good way to advertise a new business – like free cookie samples at a bakery.
  • Another business person may prefer to offer something entirely different from their daily activity – something that they enjoy doing but have little opportunity to share.

The most important question to ask yourself when listing your offerings is, “What do I enjoy doing?”  It isn’t necessary to know in advance all the things you would like to offer help with because you can choose to respond to specific requests for help.  Remember that any of the information you enter into Time and Talents can be changed whenever you like.